Flo Makes A Pre-Diction

As part of her study on psychics and extra-sensory-experiences (ESE), Flo tried to determine how many psychics predicted events that actually came true. She finally admitted the field was too big to narrow down to just hits vs. misses, with the misses clearly in the lead. But she found famous psychic/astrologer Jeane Dixon’s prediction aboutContinue reading “Flo Makes A Pre-Diction”

Psi-Fi vs Sci-Fi

Flo and I are having a chat over Chinese Food she ordered from The Many Feathered Phoenix. I’ve never been a big fan of Chow Mein, but I don’t want to offend Flo. She’s pretty touchy these days. I thought it best to avoid the subject of Apparitions for the time being. So I broughtContinue reading “Psi-Fi vs Sci-Fi”


Flo has discovered when you dabble in ghosts and apparitions, you open a gate to all things mystical and paranormal. This leads to one of those roads more or less well-traveled – depending upon who’s taking the journey. In Flo’s case, it’s a short excursion. “You can take a quick trip and wind up atContinue reading “HOTEL CLAIRVOYANCE”


Flo figures paranormal skills are not genetic. “My two children, Grayson and Annie, are not psychic. And my parents, well, Skeptic could be their last name.” One day, Flo asked me how I thought she became a Medium. “Was I precocious as a child and my parents just talked me out of it? How didContinue reading “ESPrecocious”