Flo has discovered when you dabble in ghosts and apparitions, you open a gate to all things mystical and paranormal. This leads to one of those roads more or less well-traveled – depending upon who’s taking the journey. In Flo’s case, it’s a short excursion. “You can take a quick trip and wind up atContinue reading “HOTEL CLAIRVOYANCE”

Tag Along With Me

When Flo told me she was thigh-deep in learning everything she could about Mediums and communicating with The No-Longer-Livings, I suggested she take a break from scanning all the droll articles, paranormal websites and fiction non-fiction and dig into some Shirley Jackson stories. I suggested Jackson, because Flo, like Shirley, has her Uggs in twoContinue reading “Tag Along With Me”

The Not-So-Secret Blog

When I told Flo I was writing a blog about her experiences, she was aghast! Or, should I say, “aghost”. “Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “Now people will know I can communicate with “spirits”. It will get all over Max Hills and even Springfield! I’ll be a laughingstock now…A crazy Ghost lady!” At the mention ofContinue reading “The Not-So-Secret Blog”

Elephant In The Rooms

You can add Harry Houdini, the great Illusionist/Magician, to the list of skeptics who, during the early 20th Century, unmasked Mediums as “frauds”. And, truth be told, during the heyday of Spirituality, many were cons. Flo told me she had been reading up on Houdini, ever since dead people started coming by. She wondered brieflyContinue reading “Elephant In The Rooms”

What’s Cookin’ Geist Lookin

This is what I know about Flo. She’s still an expert microwaver. Ever since she got married, and her husband became the family chef, she gladly turned over most cooking dinner duties to him. And that was a wise move. Through the years, he’d taken many classes at restaurants, cooking schools and even from privateContinue reading “What’s Cookin’ Geist Lookin”

The Friendly Ghosts

“Ghosts” have a bad reputation – mostly based on scary popular movies like “The Shining” and “The Blair Witch Project” (and a dozen or more film screamers), But the ghosts Flo encounters are more like “Casper – the friendly ghost” – spirits still earth-bound who want to help where they can. They are not fearsome,Continue reading “The Friendly Ghosts”

The Back Story on Flo #1

Thing is, we all have a back story. Just not an invention for a movie or Netflix series. The moment you are born, your back-story is written for and about you. This is true for both a character in a play or a novel and for her writer. Maybe back-stories of creator and creation parallelContinue reading “The Back Story on Flo #1”