The Small Medium – Talking to Ghosts

A lot of really unexplainable things have happened to me recently. They are all related to two of my six senses – hearing and seeing. I hear sounds that come out of nowhere – including music playing on my phone, when I’m in another room, and my old music box, in the study, turning onContinue reading “The Small Medium – Talking to Ghosts”

Elephant In The Rooms

You can add Harry Houdini, the great Illusionist/Magician, to the list of skeptics who, during the early 20th Century, unmasked Mediums as “frauds”. And, truth be told, during the heyday of Spirituality, many were cons. Flo told me she had been reading up on Houdini, ever since dead people started coming by. She wondered brieflyContinue reading “Elephant In The Rooms”


Flo figures paranormal skills are not genetic. “My two children, Grayson and Annie, are not psychic. And my parents, well, Skeptic could be their last name.” One day, Flo asked me how I thought she became a Medium. “Was I precocious as a child and my parents just talked me out of it? How didContinue reading “ESPrecocious”