Away From Home

Actually, you’re never away from home when you carry all your senses with you. Home is not just brick and mortar, a tent, or a trailer. Being at Home means we can trust our subconscious self and our senses to guide us to safety and well-being, no matter where we are, physically, at the moment.Continue reading “Away From Home”

Flo Gets Ahead Of Herself

While Flo has finally recognized she has some kind of paranormal talent by being able to talk with apparitions, she also recognizes she has no second sight. “If I was clairvoyant, I could have prevented and predicted what was going to happen to me,” Flo said recently, over dessert at her house. We were eatingContinue reading “Flo Gets Ahead Of Herself”

Time Travel Agent

As you can imagine, taking a vacation is the farthest thing from my mind right now. I’ve ankle-deep in trying to understand the mysteries and auguries of how one comes and goes from The Other Side. Do you call it venturing, embarking on a Passage, or simply taking a Journey? I am beginning to thinkContinue reading “Time Travel Agent”

The Pair A’ Normals

Ever since I dipped into Psychic Land, I’ve discovered most people, circling around in my orbit, have no idea or care about The Unexplainable. Sure, RoseEllen and Kate, from my Bridge Club, are fans of Netflix shows like “The Boo Strangers” and “Glass Caskets” – but to them, those series are make-believe. “Couldn’t. Wouldn’t Shouldn’t,”Continue reading “The Pair A’ Normals”

The Fortune Teller’s Fortune

When I was younger, my even younger cousin and I went to see a Fortune Teller. We were curious about our futures, the way early-20-somethings are when they are about to finish college. In those days, anyway. I should have known that any Seer who has to pay storefront rent, in a building facing aContinue reading “The Fortune Teller’s Fortune”

Mixed Medium

I’m rather off today. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed – that is to say, the side where Alvie used to sleep. For the past few months, I find myself scrunched up in a tiny corner of my bed’s side, as if I were the last pencil jammed into the fullContinue reading “Mixed Medium”

Psi-Fi vs Sci-Fi

Flo and I are having a chat over Chinese Food she ordered from The Many Feathered Phoenix. I’ve never been a big fan of Chow Mein, but I don’t want to offend Flo. She’s pretty touchy these days. I thought it best to avoid the subject of Apparitions for the time being. So I broughtContinue reading “Psi-Fi vs Sci-Fi”


Flo has discovered when you dabble in ghosts and apparitions, you open a gate to all things mystical and paranormal. This leads to one of those roads more or less well-traveled – depending upon who’s taking the journey. In Flo’s case, it’s a short excursion. “You can take a quick trip and wind up atContinue reading “HOTEL CLAIRVOYANCE”

The Not-So-Secret Blog

When I told Flo I was writing a blog about her experiences, she was aghast! Or, should I say, “aghost”. “Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “Now people will know I can communicate with “spirits”. It will get all over Max Hills and even Springfield! I’ll be a laughingstock now…A crazy Ghost lady!” At the mention ofContinue reading “The Not-So-Secret Blog”