Flo Makes A Pre-Diction

As part of her study on psychics and extra-sensory-experiences (ESE), Flo tried to determine how many psychics predicted events that actually came true. She finally admitted the field was too big to narrow down to just hits vs. misses, with the misses clearly in the lead. But she found famous psychic/astrologer Jeane Dixon’s prediction aboutContinue reading “Flo Makes A Pre-Diction”

Flo Dips Into Some Richard S. Shaver

Thanks to me, Flo is getting a new education in science fiction, also known as “The Truth Is Out There” (XFiles). She recently invited me to go downstairs with her to her basement to unpack some of the old boxes Alvie’s Dad had sent them years ago, when he evicted a bookstore. Flo had alreadyContinue reading “Flo Dips Into Some Richard S. Shaver”

The Hills’ UFO Abduction Book

“You know I had an epiphany last night when I couldn’t fall asleep,” Flo said, during our routine, daily phone conversation. “Maybe I never told you, but right before Alvie and I got married, I saw a UFO. And it was on a night just like last night, I was also having trouble sleeping, worryingContinue reading “The Hills’ UFO Abduction Book”

Flo Gets Ahead Of Herself

While Flo has finally recognized she has some kind of paranormal talent by being able to talk with apparitions, she also recognizes she has no second sight. “If I was clairvoyant, I could have prevented and predicted what was going to happen to me,” Flo said recently, over dessert at her house. We were eatingContinue reading “Flo Gets Ahead Of Herself”

The Ghost Dance

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot more “Spirit Energy” swirling around me. Not landing on the stove-top or the book shelf, like Mim and Nicholas talking loudly, but silently spinning around like miniscule tornadoes. Now, that’s a strange thought, but some ghosts do not want to sit, while others do not want to stand or toContinue reading “The Ghost Dance”

Time Travel Agent

As you can imagine, taking a vacation is the farthest thing from my mind right now. I’ve ankle-deep in trying to understand the mysteries and auguries of how one comes and goes from The Other Side. Do you call it venturing, embarking on a Passage, or simply taking a Journey? I am beginning to thinkContinue reading “Time Travel Agent”


Throughout the upheaval of her ego, as Flo turned her insides out and became a Medium who talks with ghosts, she’s run into some unsavory characters. Some, in fact, Flo refers to, privately, as “dicks.” Not “dicks” like private eyes were once called in the golden age of comic books. But “dicks”, as the dictionaryContinue reading “Pre-Dick-Shuns”

The Small Medium – Talking to Ghosts

A lot of really unexplainable things have happened to me recently. They are all related to two of my six senses – hearing and seeing. I hear sounds that come out of nowhere – including music playing on my phone, when I’m in another room, and my old music box, in the study, turning onContinue reading “The Small Medium – Talking to Ghosts”

The Fortune Teller’s Fortune

When I was younger, my even younger cousin and I went to see a Fortune Teller. We were curious about our futures, the way early-20-somethings are when they are about to finish college. In those days, anyway. I should have known that any Seer who has to pay storefront rent, in a building facing aContinue reading “The Fortune Teller’s Fortune”