The Hills’ UFO Abduction Book

“You know I had an epiphany last night when I couldn’t fall asleep,” Flo said, during our routine, daily phone conversation.

“Maybe I never told you, but right before Alvie and I got married, I saw a UFO. And it was on a night just like last night, I was also having trouble sleeping, worrying about the enormity of marriage and becoming a double-for-life. So, around two in the morning, I looked out my apartment window and I saw this lit-up square, floating like a blimp in the night sky. It was going so slow – it hardly moved. And, then all of a sudden, its lights started flashing and it took off like a rocket. I stared out the window for quite a while, but it didn’t return.

“The reason I remembered this is I realized I had the same feeling of unreality when I first saw Mim floating around the kitchen ceiling – that maybe I was imagining or hallucinating this small blonde woman dressed in 1930s clothes, passing above me like a small bird.”

“Wow,” was all I could muster. “That must have been so heavy – so startling to see the UFO then – and now, the ghosts…”

“Yeah, but here’s the thing,” Flo gushed, “I think I figured out maybe only certain people can see UFOs – and also maybe ghosts. I think those sightings are connected somehow.. Like maybe it takes a tuned-in person to see what’s not apparent to the normal naked eye. You might need to be Supernormal to see beyond….

“Like you,” I said. “And you’re just understanding you have that ability. That’s so cool. I’ve never seen a UFO or a ghost – the closest thing I have to knowing how that feels is reading about it. I have another book you might like – it’s about a married double, as you put it – Betty and Barney Hill, who actually said they got abducted by aliens – back in the ’60s. They not only saw the space craft, they experienced it inside when the Aliens took them there. They were the first to report an abduction. Over the years, some people found them credible – and others incredible.. But their story is fascinating, right?”

“Oh, I can’t wait to read about it,” Flo said. “I’m beginning to think there is a link between seeing UFOs and seeing Ghosts. And, I wonder how many people, like me, have seen both?”

“Maybe more than a few, but I don’t know if anybody keeps track of that. It’s a scintillating thought, Flo. I wish I could see what you’ve seen…”

“Really?” Flo asked.. “Not to cut our conversation short, but what I see now is Mutt, sitting by the door, whining and wanting out. And either there’s a ghost hovering near by – or he really just has to go. “

“OK, I’ll drop off the book,” I promised.

And, then, I did.

Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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