Throughout the upheaval of her ego, as Flo turned her insides out and became a Medium who talks with ghosts, she’s run into some unsavory characters. Some, in fact, Flo refers to, privately, as “dicks.”

Not “dicks” like private eyes were once called in the golden age of comic books. But “dicks”, as the dictionary defines them, “mean, stupid, annoying” men. Of course, there’s another meaning, but we’ll skip over that one, because you’ve probably already formed a mental image of what that looks like.

But before Flo realized she had paranormal/ESP powers, she left the dealing with crappy people to Alvie. AA – After Alvie, she’s had to go it alone (or with the help of Others) to messing with Dicks.

Now, Flo has more to contend with in that category – making predictions, which is not her forte. Her predictions turn out to be either wild guesses or platitudes that seem to satisfy those demanding she tell them what’ the future holds.

Flo’s come to the conclusion that no body (in this world or any Other) knows what’s next – and, if they say they do, they’re either guessing wildly or making up nice fantasy stories or depending too much on algorithms.

Some times, though, she has a feeling that she’ll get the help she needs to defeat the “dicks” – but she knows by now, it’s better not to count on it. But to let it Flo.

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Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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