The Small Medium – Talking to Ghosts

A lot of really unexplainable things have happened to me recently. They are all related to two of my six senses – hearing and seeing. I hear sounds that come out of nowhere – including music playing on my phone, when I’m in another room, and my old music box, in the study, turning on by itself. I’ve also seen and heard objects move on their own – Alvie’s coffee cup gliding across the kitchen table; my scrabble game hurling itself off the shelf in the TV room. Sometimes when this happens, I’m in another room, alone. Except for Mutt.

I can tell Mutt sees and hears what I see and hear, because his ears perk up and he goes on a sniffing hunt looking for whatever dogs search for when something out-of-ordinary happens. His interest wanes rapidly, however. He just goes back and lays down and sometimes goes to sleep.

While I border on obsessive, looking for reasons for this and that. And, then, I remember, I’ve been chatting with Apparitions. So, I shouldn’t get bent out of shape, when an anomaly occurs, should I?

It’s not ectoplasm, after all. Nor earthquakes. It’s Paranormal.

I can’t help feeling changed by these ghostly experiences. I seem to be sculpting a new identity, thanks to the frequency of my visitants and the help they’ve given me. I may soon even think of myself as a Small Medium – someone new at Spirit-Talking. That is until I’ve been conversing for more than just a few months.

And then I might move up – to Full Medium.

Because if the shoe fits, wear it.

photo credit La Vita Moderna catalogue

Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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