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2020 Prediction

When I told Flo I was writing a blog about her experiences, she was aghast! Or, should I say, “aghost”.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “Now people will know I can communicate with “spirits”. It will get all over Max Hills and even Springfield! I’ll be a laughingstock now…A crazy Ghost lady!”

At the mention of a blog, truth be told, Flo looked miserable – even dejected. I knew she preferred to be hidden. But I was able to quickly reassure her not to worry.

“Look, nobody will ever find you – even if they try. Because you don’t have an address or even a phone number. You’re so private, you can’t even be counted in the Census!”

“Oh phewww,” Flo sighed. “For a minute, I was scared I’d be discovered. I’m just not ready for that. You’re the only one who knows about the talking deads, Not counting Terrisann, and she only knows I saw her dead cat and dog. And they didn’t talk.

“Besides, I’m still not sure these ghost-conversations will last” she sighed. “So maybe you’re being premature with this blog thingy And that’s the reason I want to keep it just between you and me. Nobody can find out…”

Since Flo wasn’t that familiar with the blogging world, I didn’t point out that other people – strangers – all living – would be seeing her online and learning about her “gifts.” Some might come to see her as rather unusual. Which is sort of the point.

But I didn’t tell her the blog was already up. Because I knew, the bloggers’ would be more interested in her Visitants than in her skills. Because Mediums, per se, are all over the internet – a dime a dozen. Or maybe even 15 sense.

Still, I feel a little uneasy telling her ghosts stories. I’m taking a risk in revealing them. I just hope she never finds out – especially from an Apparition.

But we all know, that could happen.

Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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