Elephant In The Rooms

You can add Harry Houdini, the great Illusionist/Magician, to the list of skeptics who, during the early 20th Century, unmasked Mediums as “frauds”. And, truth be told, during the heyday of Spirituality, many were cons.

Flo told me she had been reading up on Houdini, ever since dead people started coming by.

She wondered briefly if their appearances were somehow caused by magic-in-her-mind. Like making an elephant in the room disappear and re-appear? Are the spirits merely Illusions? Flo’s still not completely sure they aren’t figments – despite the truths they’ve been telling her.

“Houdini wasn’t as lucky,” Flo says. “He consulted many, many Mediums through seances and readings and never once connected with his late mother, Cecelia. And, after he died, even Bess, his widow, couldn’t get him to come through. And, she tried hard for years.

“I don’t even try – and yet, these random dead ones appear and start talking to me – or sending me signs – and I don’t know how that happens…

“I just don’t get it. And why is what seemed so hard for Houdini, not so hard for me?But, on the other hand, I know, for sure, I could never get out of chains and ropes, like he could.”

I’ve often thought if Flo could meet up with some other Mediumistics, maybe they could reassure her she’s not hallucinating or imagining the apparitions. But the problem for her, she says, would be trying to find authentic mediums; those who connect to The Other Side – not for money or for fame – but to help those who need to hear what the departeds have to say.

“It’s too bad I can’t talk about the Visitors with my kids or my bridge club. If I could share what’s happening, they’d think me nuts. But I’d feel so much better revealing it. Still, I don’t want to be laughed at or accused of insanity. So, until then, I have to keep the visits to my self. And, that, my friend, is like having an elephant in the living room. The kitchen. The master bedroom. and especially the study.


Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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