What’s Cookin’ Geist Lookin

Mim's Mom's Cookbook

This is what I know about Flo. She’s still an expert microwaver. Ever since she got married, and her husband became the family chef, she gladly turned over most cooking dinner duties to him. And that was a wise move. Through the years, he’d taken many classes at restaurants, cooking schools and even from private chefs. His cooking just got better and better. He told anyone who praised his culinary talents, his interest in cooking was nurtured by his late mother, Mim, who died when he was just shy of 12- years-old.

He could remember vividly, Flo says – the aromas, the tastes and even the way the home-made noodles bounced around gently in the home-made chicken soup. The luscious soup was grease-free and pale gold in color, he said, like her hair in the one color photo he had of her.

Flo admired her husband’s sensory descriptions of Mim’s dishes but couldn’t offer him the same when it came to her microwaved tuna noodle casserole or defrosted cheese souffles. So, Flo busied herself cleaning up after his dinners. Although he was meticulous, the counters needed wiping; the left-overs needed to be refrigerated.

Out of the blue, one day, her husband’s love of Mim’s cooking motivated Flo to try to duplicate a dinner from the recipes in Mim’s treasured, old “The Settlement Cookbook. Cooking an entire meal, after so long, was a hefty challenge for Flo, but she was driven to try.

“I felt like an amateur weight-lifter bench-pressing 50 pounds,” she said. “I hadn’t actually cooked any real food (did pancakes count?) in a long time.

“I didn’t know, at the time, what strongly motivated me to make a surprise Mim dinner. Until much later, when one day, Mim floated into the kitchen just as I was feeling so down.

“Mim was my first Impression. And, back then, I was sure I was hallucinating. She still looked young – like her photo – but her voice was deeper and breathy, like an old woman’s. When I first saw her, she was high up, darting here – and then there – and she was transparent – like a dragonfly’s wing..

“So this is what grief does to you, I thought. Mutt also was looking up at the ceiling like he’d just seen a bee buzzing around, but it wasn’t a bee – it was Mim.”

“I was so dazed, it’s hard to remember what she said when she started talking, but it was complimentary about the dinner I made.. And, then, it was something about loving to cook – ever since she was a kid. Just like her kid. And how her inspiration came from some cookbook her mother had.”

Now, many messages later, Flo knows Mim was not a hallucination or a hologram figment. She was an apparition. That noun wasn’t even a word in Flo’s vocabulary – just like some of the words later uttered by other visitants, or even, unbelievably, some words coming through Mutt.

Really, Flo says now, nothing otherworldly, like her making a fabulous dinner or talking to dead people, is much of a surprise anymore, Because she knows most of her “surprises” are actually messages from Beyond.

You just have to be open to energies,” Flo says. “Just like I was when I was reading recipes from Mim’s old cookbook. And, look what happened…..”

Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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