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Flo figures paranormal skills are not genetic. “My two children, Grayson and Annie, are not psychic. And my parents, well, Skeptic could be their last name.”

One day, Flo asked me how I thought she became a Medium.

“Was I precocious as a child and my parents just talked me out of it? How did my very recent ability to talk to Dead People just happen spontaneously -like finding a dandelion in the flower garden?”

I suggested maybe Flo’s budding Psi talents were squelched, like they are in many young children, by disbelieving parents. Flo said she would never have done that to her own kids, had she even considered they might be psychic.

“I had no clue,” she said. .

For one, she told me, Dr. Spock’s book on Baby and Child Care, didn’t have a chapter on “Paranormal” . And, two, that Reality TV show, “ESPrecocious” didn’t air until after both A & G were grown and out of the house.

(“ESPrecocious” is the Reality TV show focusing on extra-ordinary psychic kids who have run-ins with bad ghosts only they can see. ) Flo said after watching about 15 of the kids rid themselves of terrifying entities, she decided she was pretty glad A & G weren’t psychic.

Neither G or A displayed any of the tell-tale extra-sense signs demonstrated by the nine-year-old psychics on the ESPrecocious program.. The TV mini-mes also seemed to know about a lot more than just ghosts. In both instances, displaying psychic skills.

“My kids missed out on that boat ride,” Flo said..

Annie was far too practical to have an imaginary friend. Gray went straight from legos to video games. If he couldn’t build it or destroy it, he wasn’t interested. Obviously without psychic talent, he’d had a devil-of-a-time mastering games, like “All Out War.”

“My kids didn’t inherit whatever ESP genes I passed down to them. . More likely they have “skeptic” genes thanks to their grandparents.. 

Flo says ever since she started talking to Other-Siders, she’s wracked her brain, trying to recall instances where, as a child, or even as a parent, she might have revealed some psychic talent. Could she have predicted, when she was 11, Grandma Helen would soon run away with a married man a week after Grandpa Mel died? As a 42-year-old, could she have warned Annie, at camp, to ride the oldest, fattest horse, so she didn’t fall and break her arm? And even later, at 45, could she have remotely seen Gray skip his 10th grade classes to go play arcade games and smoke with the school JDs?

No and No and No.

And yes, Flo sighs, “I never saw the future – near or far – as a child – or even recently, when it counted most. So, when and how did I become a psychic? And, if I truly am, why couldn’t I prevent tragedy?”

This is a question that continues to haunt Flo, like the meanie ghosts hassling the kids on “ESPrecocious”. Although in that show, in just a few days, the kids are miraculously freed from the malevolent specters. Flo’s not so lucky nor as scripted. Her questioning of her ability to talk to Apparitions hangs on her like the taste of sour milk in her bowl of Cheerios. Unlike the Reality TV PSI kids, she is mentor-less, free-floating and mostly un-nerved. And also not being filmed.

After pondering the how and why of metaphysics, what Flo is left with at the bottom of her most recent glass of Dunsmuir, is this-

“The only thing that really matters is Right Now.”

Photo by Man Ray








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Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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