Elvis, Can You Read Me?

Once you become aware that you have the ability to talk to the Departed, and let them talk back to you, it is tempting to consider your messaging options. Flo briefly considered how fascinating it would be to hear from Freud or Picasso or James Dean (who seems to have quite a ghost-fan following). That’s just for starters.

But in Flo’s emerging Medium experience, Apparitions always come to her unannounced. She hasn’t gone “hunting” for them or even asked them to appear.

Such reticence apparently doesn’t apply to some TV Mediums who call up the Deceased. Flo’s thinking of the one who recently channeled Elvis Presley. Apparently, Elvis revealed his memory of a conversation he had with entertainer Wayne Newton. The channeled message apparently satisfied both the Medium and Newton – but how much more indicative of contact, Flo thinks, if Elvis sang his favorite new song or dished on Col. Parker (set to be played by Tom Hanks in a now-delayed movie). Or what if Elvis commented on his little-known meeting with Muhammed Ali, when he gifted him a handmade, satin boxing robe, or – even some of the events that have rocked his family.

Flo believes Elvis could have revealed more to this questioner. Because Apparitions, aka the deceased, don’t run on our clocks. And they don’t just report on the past. They are time-less. They can see backwards, forwards and in the present – if they want. That’s true of the spirits who’ve visited Flo – so it’s also likely also true of famous people – and more importantly, loved ones.

Flo doesn’t question the legitimacy of famed Mediums, because she believes every single one of us can make Contact with those who’ve Passed. If she can tune in, she figures, any body can.

It’s just that some are quicker at connecting – Or have had more practice using psychic tools. Or aren’t afraid to try.

The skeptics will report on some well-known Mediums who won’t or can’t admit the departed don’t always show up, like TV reruns, On Demand. So some Mediums resort to “cold reading” their clients or “cheating” by collecting information about them beforehand. There are allegations and even proof of fraudulent tactics against some on internet.

This jaundiced view has caused Flo to keep her connecting skills, for now, on the down-low. Not that she will ever consider going into the Reading business (unless forced). She doesn’t believe in putting a price on something as precious as reaching a dear one who’s passed who can provide comfort or help.

Flo says (and I have her word on this), if you want more details than you can get from the Channeling or Reading of a Star, like Elvis, (and especially if it puts a hole in your wallet), buy the book.

Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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