Seeing Not Believing

It’s taken quite a while for Flo to believe in what she’s seen and heard – namely people who’ve departed, but have not yet gone to The Other Side.

The first  Apparition Flo saw was her late Mother-in-law, who appeared  quite suddenly when Flo saw her floating around the kitchen ceiling. She was congratulating Flo on the great meal she cooked for her son’s last supper. One of the reasons Flo thought she was hallucinating was her In-Law now looked very much like a younger Marilyn Monroe. Same platinum blonde and twinkling eyes. In a way, she also looked a lot like the Flo on the Welcome Page.

Flo, a non-cook & non-believer in the supernatural/paranormal/metaphysical, thought her mother-in-law-vision was a by-product of her lack-of-sleep and/or deep shock and grief. Or both. She did not even consider it a “neither.”

Flo couldn’t believe what she’d seen in the kitchen. Can’t blame her.  Meeting an apparition for the first time is unsettling. So incredulity is quite a common reaction amongst those of us who have had this experience.

And, anyway, not all of us (would-be Mediums) can actually see the non-living. Some of us can only hear them. Or receive their messages through Signs or Sounds or the Movements of objects (known as psychokinesis). Also, Aromas (or smells) and Touch. Taste, not so much.

These are some of the sensory events Flo experiences with non-livers over a short period of time.  She goes from Seeing Not Believing – to OK, Then.  But, her first look is not convincing.  She confuses the talking vision with insomnia.

*below: Maurizio’s Cattelan’s art. Last year, he sold 3 bananas duct-taped to a wall at an art fair for $120,000 each +. But, take two looks because you may not believe, at first, what you see.


Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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