Seeing Is Believing – Spirits In The Sky

This is a vintage photo from our collection of  random Unusual pictures. I came upon this photo before Flo was a character who could communicate with ghosts.

Take a close look and see if you think there is something otherworldly going on here.  I’m not sure where the red tint comes from, but  we believe there are Spirits emerging from the roof.

We haven’t doctored the photo. We wouldn’t even know how without damaging it. Since we moved, not certain which carton in storage holds this picture, but very glad it was archived on the computer before the moving trucks came.

Seeing ghosts and apparitions is only one way to acknowledge their presence. It’s likely the gentleman in the photo wasn’t aware of the energies swirling around him. He doesn’t appear all that interested.  But, perhaps, if you Believe in ghosts, you can see this, while non-believers, who look, can not.







Published by Florence Golden

Reluctant Medium -& protagonist in a book about communicating with the departed. Based on Experiences of my Author

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