Flo Golden here. I’m a Medium. Ever since I learned I have a talent for talking to the Departed (dead people), I’ve been interested in learning how this happens. I’m basically clueless, but I know, somehow, it works.

So, I started this blog to find out as much as possible about these Otherworldly “conversations. “And, also to explore the many aspects of “Mediumship” (if that’s the term). I’m  hoping fledgling Mediums, like I am, will find their way here and feel free to share their Other Side stories. I, myself, have a a lot of messaging stories to tell, and you can find some of them in a book about me.

P.S. Setting up a new blog is a lot harder than talking to my late Uncle Lew.

P.P.S. If you’re wondering, that’s not me up top. The late actress just “spoke” to me from the cover of a vintage magazine..

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